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Rifle Shotgun Combination Guns: Charles Daly Combination Rifle Shotguns & More

Charles Daly shotguns are just one example of the fine pieces you might find in our inventory of highly collectable rifle shotgun combination guns. Other examples of combination rifle shotguns include Belgian cape guns and rare models by J.P. Sauer Drilling and Marble Arms. Our inventory changes frequently, so be sure to bookmark our new arrivals page and check it often.

Scroll through our rifle shotgun combination guns below. For other rare and highly collectable shotguns and rifles, check out our antique shotguns, pre-war sporting rifles, and antique long guns.

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Savage 24 .22WMR/20 Gauge...

Savage 24 .22WMR/20 Gauge (S13589)

Price $749.95

Popular combo gun with 24" barrels. Bores are excellent. Has 99% of its original blue. The receiver has vivid case colors. Overall condition is excellent.

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German Drilling by Spillner...

German Drilling by Spillner 16 Gauge/9.3X72R...

Price $1,975.00

Manufactured by W. Spillner in Coesfeld (in Munsterland) approximately during the early 20th century. Barrels are 28". Shotgun barreks are choked full and modified. Rifle bore has strong rifling with frosting. Rear barrel sight raises when activated by pushing the thumb safety forward. Receiver and locks are engraved with floral motifs. The left lock is engraved with partridges. Right lock...

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Savage 24DL 22LR / 20 Gauge...

Savage 24DL 22LR / 20 Gauge (S12651)

Price $695.00

Deluxe combo gun with silver receiver and checkered walnut stock. Has a vintage Weaver B4 scope mounted on it. A very desirable model, in excellent condition.

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Tikka 512S .222 Rem/ 12...

Tikka 512S .222 Rem/ 12 Gauge (S12558)

Price $1,150.00

Combination gun with 12 gauge over .222 Remington. Barrels are 22" with a flip up rear sight. Bores are excellent. Overall very good plus with some minor field wear. A scarce combination gun.

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Savage 24J-DL .22LR/.410...

Savage 24J-DL .22LR/.410 Gauge (S12340)

Price $499.95

Desirable .22/.410 combo gun. This is the deluxe model with checkered walnut stock. The right side of the barrel has some light surface rust, the bores are excellent. The stock is very good with light wear.

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Savage 24S-E .22 LR/.410...

Savage 24S-E .22 LR/.410 Gauge (S12343)

Price $499.95

Combo gun with .22 LR top barrel over .410 gauge. Bores are excellent. Barrels are 24". Stocks have some wear, otherwise good overall condition.

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Marbles Game Getter (S12271)

Marbles Game Getter (S12271)

Price $3,450.00

Rare complete cased original outfit!  This is the1921 manufacture gun with the upper.22 barrel chambered for.22 short long and long rifle. The lower barrel is chambered for .44 Game Getter cartridges(hard to find). and .410 2 1/2" shells. The 2 1/2" chamber was introduced in 1924. The barrels measure 18" and are correct and do not fall under class iii regulations This game getter has the...

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Ruger Red Label Paul...

Ruger Red Label Paul Jaeger/Dietrich Apel...

Price $4,500.00

Ruger Red Label Paul Jaeger/Dietrich Apel Custom Rifle/Shotgun Combo An outstanding .45-70/20 gauge custom 3 barrel combo set made on a Ruger Red Label action by Dietrich Apel while he was at Paul Jaeger, Inc in Tennessee. The .45-70 rifle barrels are 22”, with 3-leaf sights and a Leupold 1x4 scope on quick detach mounts. There are two 26” shotgun barrels sets, the first is choked Mod/Imp...

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Fine Over/Under German...

Fine Over/Under German Combination Gun by E....

Price $3,950.00

Fine Over/Under German Combination Gun by E. Eckart in Bamberg. The overall length is approximately 46”. The 29¾” octagon percussion approximately .52 caliber rifle barrel has a good bore with strong rifling. The 29¾” round with flat top 52” smoothbore shotgun barrel has a good bore. All metal is smooth and bright with light staining. The rifle barrel is marked “E.Eckart” on the top flat and...

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C.B. Holden Tip-Up .22...

C.B. Holden Tip-Up .22 caliber rifle (AL5151)

Price $2,850.00

C.B. Holden Tip-Up .22 caliber rifle. Overall length is approximately 38”. The 24” octagon/round barrel has an excellent bore. The 7⅛” Octagon portion terminates in a stepped wedding band with two knurled rings. The barrel has approximately 95% nickel. There is light decorative engraving on the frame and forend. In addition, the left frame is engraved “Frank L....

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Savage 24C .22 LR/.410...

Savage 24C .22 LR/.410 Gauge (S12043)

Price $599.95

Savage 24C .22 LR/.410 Gauge combination gun carbine. Neat combination gun carbine with 20” barrels and straight stock. Has a bullet trap in the butt. The stock has numerous marks and wear. The metal is excellent. A scarce model that just needs the stock refinished.


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CZ M6 Scout .22 Hornet/.410...

CZ M6 Scout .22 Hornet/.410 Gauge (S11895)

Price $895.00
CZ M6 Scout .22 Hornet/.410 Gauge combination. Czech marked survival gun. Bores are excellent, action is solid. Minor wear along stock. Overall good condition.  
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