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Late War BNZ Code K98 8MM...

Late War BNZ Code K98 8MM Mauser (R29958)

Price $3,750.00

Scarce late war production dated 1945. Top of receiver is marked "BNZ 45". Bore is excellent. Bolt is non-matching and all other parts are un-numbered. Which on the late war guns is normal. Stock is near excellent with some very minor nicks or dings. Floor plate is marked "BYF" with eagle 135. Near excellent overall condition. A desirable K98.

Italian 91/24 Carbine 6.5...

Italian 91/24 Carbine 6.5 Carcano (R29718)

Price $429.95

Italian WWI rifle arsenal converted into a carbine post war. Barrel is marked "Terni" and has a 1918 date. Bore is very good with strong rifling. Good overall condition.

BSA Martini Cadet .32 Win...

BSA Martini Cadet .32 Win Special (R29725)

Price $1,175.00

Cadet rifle rechambered for .32 Win Special caliber. We have test fired and head spaced this rifle. The primer was fine, no flattening or migration into firing pin hole. Receiver and stock are marked "Common Wealth of Australia NSW". Bore is very good with strong rifling. Note: Due to lack of safety do not carry rifle loaded.

Chilean 1895 7MM Mauser...

Chilean 1895 7MM Mauser (R29333)

Price $695.00

Chilean military rifle made by DWM around 1900. Bore is excellent. Receiver has been drilled and tapped for a scope. Bolt has been bent for scope. Serial numbers are matching except for the bolt. Very good overall condition.

Swiss 1911 7.5X55 Swiss...

Swiss 1911 7.5X55 Swiss (R28768)

Price $899.95

1911 Carbine made in 1931. Serial numbers are matching including the magazine. Bore is excellent. Stock has nicks and dings. Very good overall condition.

Swiss 1911 Karabiner 7.5X55...

Swiss 1911 Karabiner 7.5X55 Swiss (R28688)

Price $899.95

Swiss military carbine made in 1915. Stock has an arsenal repaired crack at the wrist. Bore is excellent. Serial numbers are matching. Very good overall condition.

Mukden Type 99 7.7 Japanese...

Mukden Type 99 7.7 Japanese (R28562)

Price $795.00

Scarce Mukden arsenal manufactured Japanese WWII rifle. Mum has been partially ground. Rifle has late war features: wooden butt plate, crude style bolt, and fixed rear sight. Bore is excellent. Metal is turning to patina. Stock has a small crack on right side of chamber. Good overall condition.

Rare Mauser Model 1871...

Rare Mauser Model 1871 Cutaway (R27541)

Price $2,950.00
Rare Mauser Model 1871 Cutaway. This is a factory cutaway used for instructional purposes when demonstrating how the internal parts and design features work. This rare cutaway was part of a large collection we sold approximately 30 years ago and came from Mexico City. It was used for potential sales by Mauser for a Mexican Army contract that never came to fruition. This is the only example of a...
Steyr VK-98 8mm (R27594)

Steyr VK-98 8mm (R27594)

Price $7,950.00
Steyr VK-98 8mm caliber rifle. Very rare German Volksgewehr (people’s rifle). YK-98 8mm “last ditch rifle. This VK-98 has a machine gun barrel, cupped butt plate, bolt disassembly domed washer, recessed stock for the bolt handle and knob and 5-shot magazine. See Mauser Military Rifles of the World, Forth Edition, by Robert Ball (page 222) for another example. The receiver is marked bnz 45...
Walther KKW .22 LR (R27304)

Walther KKW .22 LR (R27304)

Price $1,150.00
Walther KKW .22 LR caliber rifle. “SA” marked stock. Desirable German trainer. Stock has been sportarized, and has a sharp “SA” cartouche. Bore is excellent. Excellent overall condition. A reasonably priced “SA” trainer rifle.  
Steyr VK-98 8mm (R20826)

Steyr VK-98 8mm (R20826)

Price $7,500.00

Steyr VK-98 8mm caliber rifle. Volkssturm VK-98-VG5 bolt action rifle. 21” barrel with a bright excellent bore and counter bored muzzle. The metal surfaces retain remnants of a hot immersion blue on the barrel which has drifted to a dull gray-blue, the stepped portion toning to a plum, while the receiver is more of a dark blue-gray, the rear ring drifting to plum. The receiver shows the...

British No 4 Mark I Sniper...

British No 4 Mark I Sniper .303 (R27119)

Price $4,750.00
British No 4 Mark I Sniper .303 caliber rifle. 25” Barrel with a bright very good plus bore showing some very light oxidation in the grooves and strong rifling throughout. The metal surfaces of this 1944 dated rifle retain about 95% dull arsenal blue and black enamel finish showing some minor high edge wear and scattered handling marks. The scope base screw heads show some moderate slot wear...
BSA Martini Cadet .310...

BSA Martini Cadet .310 (R26519)

Price $1,495.00
BSA Martini Cadet .310 caliber rifle. Australian issue Commonwealth of Australia military forces. Bore is excellent. Action works perfectly. This is an excellent Martini Cadet with excellent cartouche on the stock. Metal parts have 98% original factory blue. Marking in metal are perfect. Stocks have some light handling marks. This model Martini does not have a safety feature. Loading lever...
Mauser Sporter .22 LR (R24849)

Mauser Sporter .22 LR (R24849)

Price $1,195.00
Mauser Sporter .22 LR caliber rifle. Pre-war trainer. Bore is excellent. Bolt is numbered to receiver. Barrel has BUG proof marks. Stock has a nice Mauser cartouche. Very good overall condition.
Nagoya Type 99 7.7 Japanese...

Nagoya Type 99 7.7 Japanese (R22350)

Price $695.00
Nagoya Type 99 7.7 Japanese caliber rifle. Last ditch rifle with crude bolt fixed rear sight and wooden butt plate serial numbers are matching. Bore has pitting. Mum has been ground off. A good example of a last ditch rifle. Not Safe To Shoot .
Mexican 1910 7x57 Mauser...

Mexican 1910 7x57 Mauser (R21713)

Price $1,495.00
Mexican 1910 7x57 Mauser caliber rifle. Mexican military rifle. Receiver is dated 1931. Serial numbers are non-matching (common on Mexican Mausers). Bore is good with strong rifling. Wood is good with nicks and dings. Barrel shows import mark. Good-very good overall condition. A seldom seen Mexican military rifle.  
Mauser G41 (M) 8mm (R21697)

Mauser G41 (M) 8mm (R21697)

Price $15,500.00
Mauser G41 (M) 8mm caliber rifle. Extremely rare 41 (M) German WWII Infantry rifle. Serial numbers are matching, except for the front sight, bolt body guard, and muzzle. Bore is excellent. Wood is good with combat wear. 135 Waffenamt cartouche is sharp and serial number on wood is visible. Comes with sling. Very good overall condition. A scarce rifle! Certainly one of the more desirable...
Enfield No.1 MKI Cutaway...

Enfield No.1 MKI Cutaway .303 British (R20113)

Price $2,250.00
Enfield No.1 MKI Cutaway .303 British caliber rifle. Very rare No.1 Mark I Enfield Cutaway. Work done at Enfield Lock a North London suburb. Serial Number 1448. Blue finish with 93-95% remaining. Stock has the Enfield cartouche on the right side with numeral III indicating Grade 3 rifle. Note: this is the first model of the SMLE series! These Cutaways are non-firing deactivated pieces with...
Enfield Long Lee Cutaway...

Enfield Long Lee Cutaway .303 British (R20114)

Price $2,450.00
Enfield Long Lee Cutaway .303 British caliber rifle. Rare Long Lee Arsenal Cutaway. Work done at Enfield Lock (Northern suburb of London). Gun is in beautiful excellent condition. Manufactured approximately between 1895-1902 era. Serial number 124. This particular Cutaway is cartouched in the stock with the crisp “Enfield” cartouche with a “1” meaning “best grade” when they inspected it. Below...