Foreign Military Rifles

Turkish 98 8mm Mauser (R30769)

Turkish 98 8mm Mauser (R30769)

Price $495.00

Turkish military Mauser made in 1944. Serials are non-matching. Rifle has been head spaced. Bore is very good with very good rifling. The stock is in fair to good condition with a old crack on the right hand side that was fixed a long time ago. Overall good condition.

Steyr VK-98 8mm (R20824)

Steyr VK-98 8mm (R20824)

Price $7,500.00
Steyr VK-98 8mm caliber rifle. Scarce German VK-98 bolt action rifle by Steyr. 21” barrel with a bright near excellent bore that shows a minor area of frosting near muzzle. The metal surfaces of this bnz 45 coded 5 shot rifle retain 85% original blue with some scattered areas of fading on the barrel, receiver, floorplate and trigger guard. The butt plate shows light oxidation staining and the...
Walther AC CODE VG-1 8mm...

Walther AC CODE VG-1 8mm (R20823)

Price $11,500.00
Walther AC CODE VG-1 8mm caliber rifle. Rare VolkssturmVG-1 Bolt Action rifle. 23 ¼” barrel with a bright excellent bore and counter bored muzzle. The metal surfaces on this “ac g”-coded example is primarily a dull pewter patina, the barrel showing scattered light oxidation staining and is stepped only at its muzzle. The receiver shows light pitting along its rear left edge with more moderate...
FN 49 Venezuelan Contract...

FN 49 Venezuelan Contract 7mm (R31072)

Price $2,495.00

Scarce Venezuelan Contract, Belgian-made military rifle. There are no import marks. Bore is excellent. The metal is in excellent condition with small marks near the muzzle device. The stock is in excellent condition. Overall excellent condition.

BSA Lee-Speed Presentation...

BSA Lee-Speed Presentation Model .303 British...

Price $3,495.00

WWI British Bolt-action rifle, made in 1901 with 30.5" barrel. The bore is very good plus with strong rifling. The metal is virtually 100% and the stock is in excellent condition, and has a silver stock plate on the right side that says" Presented by BSA, Bisley 1901." The stock has an intact cleaning kit and oiler. Overall an outstanding example.

DOU Code Mauser K98 8mm...

DOU Code Mauser K98 8mm (R31076)

Price $1,995.00

Scarce WWII German military rifle made in 1944 at Waffenwerke Bruenn AG. CHamber is marked "DOU" over "44." The Waffenamts have been ground. Bore has strong rifling and is dark in the grooves. The bolt is non-matching. The stock is in good condition with some "combat" wear. Overall condition is good plus.

BSA Charger-Loading Lee...

BSA Charger-Loading Lee Enfield Mk1 .303...

Price $2,850.00

WWI British military rifle with 30" barrel. Rifle is marked "For Cordite Only." The bore is excellent, bright with strong rifling. The butt stock has cleaning gear. The metal has 99% of of its original finish. The stock is in excellent condition. The bolt is excellent, the magazine is unnumbered. Overall an excellent rifle.

BRNO 1908/34 7MM (R31071)

BRNO 1908/34 7MM (R31071)

Price $995.00

Czech-made Bolt-action Mauser made for the Brazil. The bore is excellent. The metal is very good plus condition. The rifle has been drilled and tapped. The stock is in very good condition with a rack number on the left side and their are cartouche on the right hand side. Overall very good condition. Comes with cleaning rod.

Italian 91/24 6.5 Carcano...

Italian 91/24 6.5 Carcano (R30550)

Price $429.95

WWI Italian carbine made in 1899 by Brescia. Bore is very good with very good rifling. Overall condition is very good.

AR Code Borsigwalde Mauser...

AR Code Borsigwalde Mauser K98 8mm (R30519)

Price $3,195.00

Scarce WWII German military Mauser, made in 1944 under the Mauser, Borsigwalde name, but assembled by Mauser, Orbendorf . Receiver is marked "Waffenamt 135" over "AR" over "44." Serial numbers are all matching. Bore is excellent. The barrel has some minor exterior pitting. Stock is very good, unnumbered with some minor nicks and dings. Comes with cleaning rod and sling. Overall condition is...

Italian 91 TS 6.5 Carcano...

Italian 91 TS 6.5 Carcano (R30509)

Price $399.95

Italian military carbine Special troop model with side mount bayonet lug. Made in 1918 by the Brescia arsenal. The serials are non matching. Overall in good condition.

Steyr M95 8x56R (R30494)

Steyr M95 8x56R (R30494)

Price $649.95

WWI Austrio-Hungarian rifle manufactured in 1917. Arsenal refurbished post war. The bore has strong rifling with some light etching. The stock and bolt have been numbered to match the receiver and barrel. The receiver has import markings and serial. The buttplate has a strikethrough over "F-4165". Overall excellent condition.

BCD Code Gustloff-Werke K98...

BCD Code Gustloff-Werke K98 Mauser 8mm (R30492)

Price $3,250.00

WWII German military rifle. All serials are matching. Marked with BCD/4 code made by Gustloff-Werke arsenal. The bore is excellent, on all visible parts. The metal is very good with approximately 80% of its original blue. There are several Waffenamts stamped on the receiver and barrel. The stock has been replaced and has four cartouche on the but stock. Overall excellent condition!

French MAS 49-56 7.5 French...

French MAS 49-56 7.5 French (R30478)

Price $1,875.00

French military rifle made from 1961 and 1963. The bore is excellent with strong rifling. The barrel is fitted with the type 2 muzzle brake. Overall excellent condition.

Remington Rolling Block...

Remington Rolling Block Rifle 7mm (R30635)

Price $1,795.00

Serial number A43. 7mm Mauser caliber with a 30” barrel. This gun is like ne condition with all of the original blue and bright case colors on the frame. The wood is excellent. The action works perfectly. The bore has strong rifling. This is a later gun circa 1910 or so. This as undoubtedly for a South American contract, but there is no telling sign which country this could...

Brazilian Model 1908 Mauser...

Brazilian Model 1908 Mauser 7X57 Mauser (R29082)

Price $795.00

Brazilian military Mauser made by DWM pre-WWI. Bolt has been re-numbered to match. Bore is very good with strong rifling. Wood has nicks and dings. Good overall condition.

DWM 1895 Chilean Mauser...

DWM 1895 Chilean Mauser 7x57 (R30342)

Price $1,250.00

Excellent Chilean military Mauser. Serial numbers are matching, except for the cleaning rod. Stock has a sharp 1902 dated cartouche. Bore is excellent.

Chilean 1895 Mauser 7X57...

Chilean 1895 Mauser 7X57 (R30015)

Price $750.00

Chilean military Mauser made by DWM. Serial numbers are non-matching. Bore is excellent. Stock has a faint cartouche on left side. Fair overall condition.

British No. 4 (T) 303...

British No. 4 (T) 303 British (R30000)

Price $4,995.00

Scarce WWII British sniper rifle. Arsenal refurbished post war. Many of these were overhauled in the 1950's. Butt socket is marked "M47C 1943" over "FTR TR". ( FTR stands for factory thorough repair). Receiver is marked "No. 4 MK I T". Serial numbers on bolt, stock, butt socket and magazine are matching. No. 32 scope is clear, not foggy. Bore is excellent. Very good overall condition. A...