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Marlin Firearms 93 .30-30...

Marlin Firearms 93 .30-30 (R16733)

Price $2,750.00

Marlin Firearms 93 .30-30 caliber carbine. Model 1893 saddle ring carbine. Serial # 3183. Very good bore and action works perfectly. Barrel marked “Special Smokeless Steel”. Barrel and tube have 98% bright blue. Receiver case colors have faded and about 20% remain. Wood is very good with no chips or cracks. A fine saddle ring carbine.

Mauser Custom 10.75x68 (R9125)

Mauser Custom 10.75x68 (R9125)

Price $3,950.00

Mauser Custom 10.75x68 caliber rifle. Magnum type action with set triggers and quick opening floorplate. Greener side safety. Bore has strong rifling but dark in the grooves. Gun was refinished in the past and has a modern stock. Length of pull is 13 3/4".

Marlin 1893 .32-40 (R24118)

Marlin 1893 .32-40 (R24118)

Price $2,450.00
Marlin 1893 .32-40 caliber rifle. Marked Model 1893 on upper tang. This is the variation with the “FOR BLACK POWDER” marking on the barrel. Bore is very good with strong rifling and light frost in the grooves. No Pits. Barrel length 26”. Barrel and frame have approximately 93-95% blue. The magazine tube is a blue-gray color. Lever has good case colors. Action works perfectly. The stock is good...
Marlin Firearms 1893 .32-40...

Marlin Firearms 1893 .32-40 (R23876)

Price $2,950.00
Manufactured after 1906. This is a “B” model with barrel marked “for black powder”. Bore is excellent. Action works perfectly. This is a takedown rifle. Barrel tube and frame have approximately 93-95% blue. Stocks are very good with no cracks or chips. This rifle is in a very good and popular .32-40 caliber.  
Marlin 1894 .25-20 (R23257)

Marlin 1894 .25-20 (R23257)

Price $3,750.00
Marlin 1894 .25-20 caliber rifle. .25-20 Marlin. Very fine gun with 95% of the original blue on the barrel. Case colors are bright and vivid on the frame. Wood is excellent. Action works perfectly and the bore is dark with visible rifling. This is a beautiful example of a Marlin 94!  
Johan Peterlongo Schuetzen...

Johan Peterlongo Schuetzen .30 WCF (R22739)

Price $2,350.00
Johan Peterlongo Schuetzen .30 WCF caliber rifle. Martini Type Drop block action. Barrel has been sleeved to .30-30 Winchester. Bore is excellent. Barrel length 29” and overall length 47”. Manufactured by Johan Peterlongo, manufactured approximately 1928. Barrel has rail for sliding rear sight (sorry no rear barrel sight). Tang sight is the traditional Schuetzen style with 2 ½” diopter. Double...
Marlin 94 .32-20 (R22606)

Marlin 94 .32-20 (R22606)

Price $2,750.00
Marlin 94 .32-20 caliber rifle. Very fine condition. Bore is excellent. Barrel length is 24”. Frame and lever have 50% original bright case colors. Barrel and tube have 98% original blue. There is an extra dovetail in the barrel just in front of the rear sight. Stocks are very good with forend varnish thinning a bit. Very attractive model 1894 Marlin. Tang marked “model ‘94”.
BSA Martini .32-20 (R21491)

BSA Martini .32-20 (R21491)

Price $1,495.00
BSA Martini .32-20 caliber rifle. Cadet rifle re-chambered to common .32-20 caliber. Bore is excellent. Wood is very good with minor nicks and dings. Near excellent overall condition. Note: do not carry loaded due to lack of safety.  
Marlin 1894 .38-40 carbine...

Marlin 1894 .38-40 carbine (R14106 )

Price $2,475.00
Marlin 1894 .38-40 carbine rifle. Very nice saddle ring carbine. Good plus to very good bore. Action works perfectly, barrel, tube and receiver are all an even blue-brown patina. Stocks are good plus with no cracks or chips. Buttstock has about 50% varnish. No pits or dings on metal. (Has a couple of buggered screws). Nice carbine.
German Guild Schutzen 7.6mm...

German Guild Schutzen 7.6mm (R10900)

Price $2,850.00
German Guild Schutzen 7.6mm caliber rifle. Manufactured dated under barrel 7.25 (July 1925), also marked "7.6mm". Bore is excellent. Receiver is engraved with leaf and floral motifs surrounding a cameo of a man in hunting attire holding a rifle. The buttplate, lever and frame have all of their brilliant case colors. Barrel has 97-98% blue. Stock is very good plus with sharp checkering and minor...