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James Warner Pocket...

James Warner Pocket Revolver (AH6039)

Price $525.00

About 1,000 of these James Warner of Springfield, MA, revolvers were made in the 1960s. They were infringements of the Smith & Wesson bored through cylinder patent. The 3" round 30 caliber rimfire barrel has a fair rifled bore with scattered pitting. All the metal has a smooth light brown patina. The cylinder is marked WARNER'S PATENT 1857. The grips are good with wear along the bottom...

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Belgian Smoothbore Side by...

Belgian Smoothbore Side by Side Pistol (AH6798)

Price $1,150.00

Side by side pistol with 10" barrels. The bores are bright and perfectly smooth. The pistol has approximately 98% of its original blue with some patina near the receiver. The grips are in good condition with some handling wear. Has been test-fired and works safely with 2.5" .410 shells. Overall very good condition.

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Tranter 1879 .450 Adams...

Tranter 1879 .450 Adams (AH6628)

Price $2,450.00

Tranter model 1879, 5-shot revolver. The revolver was manufactured in approximately 1880. Barrel is marked "450" on left side angle flat just below the rib. The revolver has approximately 90-93% of its original blue. We do not know the significance of the "16359" mark. Possibly a Victorian police I.D. mark or issue mark. This is a seldom seen revolver. The bore is bright and excellent with...

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Webley Mark II .455 Webley...

Webley Mark II .455 Webley (AH6769)

Price $1,995.00

British military service revolver with 4" barrel. The revolver has the broad arrow marking on the top strap. The bore is bright and has a thin rifling. The exterior of the revolver shows minimal handling wear and retains 97% of its original dark blue military finish. The revolver has matching serial numbers and the cylinder has not been milled. The original grips are perfect and the action...

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Belgian Copy of Merwin &...

Belgian Copy of Merwin & Hulbert Double Action...

Price $695.00

Belgian made five-round hammerless revolver with 3.5" barrel. Bore is good with strong rifling and some shallow pitting. The revolver has been expertly refinished and looks great! The action works smoothly and the breech locks up tightly. There is a safety mounted o the back of the revolver. This Belgian copy appears to made much better than the original Merwin & Hubert model. The grips...

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Hopkins & Allen XL No.4 .38...

Hopkins & Allen XL No.4 .38 Rimfire (AH6687)

Price $425.00

Five-shot revolver with 2.5" barrel. Top strap over cylinder is marked "XL No.4 N.Y." Action works and indexes and locks up perfectly. revolver has 95% factory original nickel plate. The bore id very good with strong rifling. Grips are walnut with one side lighter color than the other. Overall This is very fine Hopkins & Allen.

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E.L. Dickinson Earthquake...

E.L. Dickinson Earthquake .38 rimfire (AH6688)

Price $325.00

Five-shot, Single-action revolver with 3" revolver. This revolver has 98% original factory nickel. The action works perfectly and the cylinder rotates and locks up and indexes on time. Grips are perfect. Overall excellent.

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Robin Hood No.3 .32 Rimfire...

Robin Hood No.3 .32 Rimfire (AH6689)

Price $425.00

Five-shot revolver with 2.5" barrel. Revolver is marked "Pat. April 6, 1875" Revolver has 98% original factory nickel. Bore is very good with strong rifling and sparse shallow pitting. Action works and cylinder indexes, locks up on time. Grips are nicely figured walnut. This is a quality made revolver!

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French 1892 Etienne 8mm...

French 1892 Etienne 8mm Lebel (PR55133)

Price $595.00

French military six-shot revolver with 4.5" barrel. The right side of the frame is marked " Mfre D' Armes St. etienne." The top of the barrel is marked "MLE 1892." The bore is very good with shallow pits. The action works perfectly. The revolver has approximately 95%arsenal blue. The grips are checkered and show very little wear. The buttcap has a lanyard stud and swivel. Overall condition...

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Adams Patent Revolver .450...

Adams Patent Revolver .450 Boxer (AH6639)

Price $3,950.00

Six-shot DA/SA revolver with 6" octagonal barrel. The bore is very good with light pitting near the center of the barrel. The action works perfectly. The checkered grips are excellent. The revolver has 97% of its factory original blue. The top of the barrel flat is marked "Adams Patent Small Arms Co. 391 Strand, London." An excellent example of an Adams large frame revolver.

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J. Warrant Belgian Revolver...

J. Warrant Belgian Revolver 10.34mm (AH6627)

Price $1,450.00

Six shot, double action revolver with 5.75" octagonal barrel. The bore is excellent. The cylinder has both the "Crown U" and Belgian Liege proof marks. This revolver has approximately 98% bright original blue. The straw color parts have very good color. action works perfectly. The barrel tips down to open by depressing the single "Pryse" type lever. Grips are excellent. Very well machined...

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Webley Mk 1 .455 Webley...

Webley Mk 1 .455 Webley (AH6690)

Price $1,450.00

Six-shot break-open revolver with 4" barrel. Frame, cylinder and barrel numbers match. Bore is very good with strong rifling and faint pitting throughout. Action works excellent and indexes properly. Grips are very good. There are some areas of pitting on the exterior of the cylinder. The revolver has an even blue-brown patina mix. Cylinder is uncut. Top rib of barrel is marked H. Adkin...

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Bergmann 1896 6.5mm...

Bergmann 1896 6.5mm Bergmann (AH6647)

Price $6,500.00

Bergmann pistol with 4.5" barrel Bore is near excellent. Pistol has 98% original blue. Straw parts have excellent color grips are excellent with no wear! Excellent condition Bergmann.

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Scarce Gutta Percha Cased...

Scarce Gutta Percha Cased Springfield Arms...

Price $1,595.00

Serial Number 4367. Made in 1863. 30 RF caliber with a 3 1/8” barrel. This gun is factory silver plated and in very fine condition. With 95% of the original silver finish. Grips are factory Ivories in excellent condition. This gun comes in a factory gutta percha case.

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Bergman No.2 5mm Bergman...

Bergman No.2 5mm Bergman (AH6591)

Price $4,750.00

A rare antique pistol. The bore is excellent. Pistol has approximately 98% factory blue. The are some small areas of pitting on the left side of the barrel exterior. The straw color parts have very good straw color. Grips are perfect. All Bergman pistols are rare and this an example of one in fine condition.

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Deluxe Reich Revolver (AH6634)

Deluxe Reich Revolver (AH6634)

Price $4,995.00

Fantastic silver wire inlaid Reich's Revolver. Metal has a high polish blue finish. Grips are finely checkered. Barrel is 4.5". There are no military markings. We believe this was manufactured for special presentation purposes. A spectacular Reich Revolver with wonderful embellishments!

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Hopkins & Allen Red Jacket...

Hopkins & Allen Red Jacket No. 8 Revolver (AH6568)

Price $275.00

This 32 rimfire caliber unmarked Hopkins & Allen spur trigger fully scroll and dot engraved revolver has approx. 90% of its original nickel finish with much of the loss on the rear of the cylinder. The 2.75" round barrel has a fine bore with strong rifling. The top of the barrel is marked RED JACKET. No 8. The composition grips are fine with no cracks or chips. With the exception that...

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Iver Johnson Second Model...

Iver Johnson Second Model Safety Automatic...

Price $375.00

This Iver Johnson 32 S&W centerfire caliber second model safery automatic hammerless revolver features a scarce 4" barrel (the standard was either 3" or 3.25") with an excellent bore. It retains approx 98% of its original nickel finish and has the double top post latch, flat leaf mainspring, and two lower frame cross pins found on the second model. The Iver Johnson Owls Head grips are...

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Kolb Baby Hammerless .22...

Kolb Baby Hammerless .22 Short (AH6677)

Price $549.95

Small pocket revolver manufactured approximately 1898. Top strap is marked "Baby Hammerless Pat Pending". Nickel plating is flaking and has approximately 50% factory nickel. Grips are mother of pearl. Good overall condition. Action works.

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Hopkins & Allen Blue Jacket...

Hopkins & Allen Blue Jacket No. 2 (AH6604)

Price $295.00

Vintage pocket revolver made in the 1880s. Action works properly. Grips are very good with dogs head. Metal has original nickel plating in protected areas, the remainder of the metal has a gray patina. Good overall condition.

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