Browning Medalist .22LR...

Browning Medalist .22LR (PR42718)

Price $1,450.00

Browning Medalist .22LR caliber pistol. Target pistol. Belgian made with heavy barrel. Shows some wear, otherwise very good condition overall.  

Browning Medalist .22 LR...

Browning Medalist .22 LR (PR41922)

Price $1,850.00

Browning Medalist .22 LR caliber pistol. Scarce left-hand target model, made in Belgium. Excellent condition with case and weights.  

Browning Renaissance...

Browning Renaissance Medalist .22 LR (PR48180)

Price $6,995.00

Browning Renaissance Medalist .22 LR caliber pistol. Beautiful Belgian made Renaissance Medalist manufactured in 1972. Very finely engraved. Excellent condition with pouch. A very rare piece.  

Browning Gold Line...

Browning Gold Line Challenger .22 LR (PR48181)

Price $3,750.00

Browning Gold Line Challenger .22 LR caliber pistol. Rare Belgian made Gold Line Challenger. Made in 1962, only 293 of these were made. Has 6¾” barrel. Excellent condition with pouch.