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Japanese WWII Silk Flag...

Japanese WWII Silk Flag (MM1369)

Price $110.00

Japanese WWII Silk flag in good condition, areas of staining are present with a few burn marks. No rips or tears. Great looking Flag of an Japanese WWII display.

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Rare Japanese WWII Pilots...

Rare Japanese WWII Pilots Bail-out Flag (MM1367a)

Price $475.00

Silk flag attached to a telescoping bamboo pole. This floating silk flag was design to signal rescue crews of downed pilot(s) or/ and crew. Used on land and/ or sea. In Very good condition.

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Huge 44 Star U.S. Flag...

Huge 44 Star U.S. Flag (MM1281)

Price $850.00
Huge 44 Star U.S. Flag. Flag was adopted in July of 1890. Flag is in great condition for its age. White border has “6RM12”. The rim is handstitched. Flag measures 135”x 67.5”. Great looking flag that was meant to be seen!
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Russian Propaganda Banner...

Russian Propaganda Banner (MM1280)

Price $200.00
Russian propaganda banner. Banner is in excellent condition. One side has Lenin and the other has the hammer and sickle.
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Beautiful Ten Foot...

Beautiful Ten Foot Thirty-eight Star Flag (MM1274)

Price $695.00
Beautiful Ten Foot Thirty-eight Star Flag. Measures 5’x10’. No tears or fraying. Adopted by Congress on July 4th 1877 and retired on July 3rd 1890, this design flew for thirteen years. Very good condition. Flag could have flown at a fort during the Indian Wars!
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Large German WWII Flag...

Large German WWII Flag (MM1273)

Price $135.00
Large German WWII Flag. Multiple tears and holes with spotty discolored throughout flag. Looks to seen some action. Great conversation piece for display
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U.S. Forty-Eight Star Flag...

U.S. Forty-Eight Star Flag Measures 33” x 55”...

Price $65.00
U.S. Forty-Eight Star Flag Measures 33” x 55”. No tears or fraying, small area of stain on lower strip. Adopted by Congress on July 4th 1912 and retired on July 3rd 1959, this design flew for forty-seven years. Very good condition.
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German WWII...

German WWII Reichsdienstflagge “State Flag”...

Price $225.00
German WWII Reichsdienstflagge “State Flag” 19”x 33”. Appears late war manufactured. Flag shows some use and wear. Lower end of the flag material has frayed from the border (white material). Overall good piece.
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WWII Japanese Prayer Flag...

WWII Japanese Prayer Flag (MM1187)

Price $300.00
WWII Japanese Prayer Flag. Japanese prayer flag with a lot of writing. Looks like the soldier’s village signed it.
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Japanese WWII Flag  (MM1173)

Japanese WWII Flag (MM1173)

Price $135.00
Japanese WWII Flag Flag is marked on the corner”1945 USMC”. Flag looks to be a battlefield pickup!
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