Equipment & Optics

Keuffel & Esser 1917...

Keuffel & Esser 1917 Engineering Dept. Compass...

Price $300.00

This compass is marked "Keuffel & Esser Co./ New York/ Eng. Dept. USA" The metal case and glass is in very good condition. Compass measures 3" in diameter. Comes in a Prismatic Compass M1918 leather case.

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World War II US Navy Mark...

World War II US Navy Mark 75 Mod 1 Bore Sight...

Price $100.00

Boresight telescope made by Farrand Optical Co., Inc., dated 1943. Optics are clear. The U.S. Navy used these boresights to zero alignment for smaller guns, such as the 20mm anti-aircraft gun. 

WWII Navy flashlight (MM1706)

WWII Navy flashlight (MM1706)

Price $100.00

Vintage WWII Navy flashlight. Light is marked " 9-S- 5293-L TYPE K-10A". Lens has scratches, otherwise in good overall condition. 

WWII U.S. Navy Stadimeter...

WWII U.S. Navy Stadimeter by Schick (MM1524)

Price $275.00

This instrument was used to determine the distance to an enemy warship. Has U.S. Navy BU. Ships serial number "14168-1943". Manufactured by Schick Inc. in Stanford, CN.

WWII U.S. Navy Mark 21 7x50...

WWII U.S. Navy Mark 21 7x50 Binoculars with...

Price $129.95

WWII U.S. Navy 7x50 binoculars, Square D brand. Has "Bu. Aero U.S. Navy/ Mark 21/ F.S.S.C 88-8-320". on left-side. Comes with intact leather case. In very good condition.

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Trapdoor Carbine Boot of...

Trapdoor Carbine Boot of 1887 (MM1358)

Price $225.00

Model of 1887 with brass plate fixed to mouth. Leather is marked Rock Island Arsenal. Leather strap has a tear, otherwise good overall condition.

German Bremen 8x30...

German Bremen 8x30 Featherweight Binoculars...

Price $275.00

German Bremen 8x30 Featherweight binoculars. Optics are clear. Has some handling wear on end of scope optics. Diopter rotates and works. Comes with leather case, missing top. In good condition.

K98 WWII Grenade Launcher...

K98 WWII Grenade Launcher Set (MM1357)

Price $1,975.00

WWII K98 grenade launcher set. Comes with spanner, sight, dummy grenade (post war production dummy), and leather carry case. Hard to find.

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WWII Japanese JES 4x10...

WWII Japanese JES 4x10 Binoculars in Original...

Price $200.00

WWII Japanese JES 4x10 binoculars in original Case. Body retains approximately 98% original finish. Optics function correctly, slightly cloudy. Has leather strap intact and present. Comes with original case, straps missing. In very good condition.

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WWII Carl Zeiss Jena...

WWII Carl Zeiss Jena Dienstglas (Service Glass)...

Price $225.00

WWII Carl Zeiss Jena Dienstglas (Service Glass) 6x30 binoculars. Optics function correctly and are clear and sharp. Leather strap is intact and present. Serial number is 2025791 and marked H/6400. Comes with a Hensoldt Wetzlar case with an “I” stamped on top. Strap on case is missing half. In very good condition.

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Two L-702 Gas Mask (MM1321)

Two L-702 Gas Mask (MM1321)

Price $50.00
Two L-702 Gas Mask. These are civilian gas mask. Issued to the citizen of Belgium. One canister has damage to the top. Both mask show damage in areas.
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Japanese WWII Amp/Volt...

Japanese WWII Amp/Volt Meter (MM102)

Price $250.00
Japanese WWII Amp/Volt Meter The box & clasp are near to perfect, as well as the leather strap; the rubber pieces are all mint on this WWII Japanese volt/amp meter. The package includes the meter itself, battery, wire cables & what appears to be an instruction booklet. Written in chalk at the bottom of the box are the numbers "467".