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German WWII Armband (MM1215)

German WWII Armband (MM1215)

Price $125.00
German WWII Armband. Three-piece cotton constructed armband in good condition. Worn on supporters upper arm.
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German Supporters Armband...

German Supporters Armband (MM1214)

Price $200.00
German Supporters Armband. Constructed on thick red wool with a white cotton circle sewn on and a separate swastika piece sewn in the middle of the circle, three-piece constructed armband.
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German WWII Sports Shirt...

German WWII Sports Shirt Insignia (MM1212)

Price $145.00
German WWII Sports Shirt Insignia. These where made to be sown on to a sports shirt. Insignia is in great condition, minor stain noted. These are hard to find!
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German WWII SS Armband...

German WWII SS Armband (MM1209)

Price $695.00
German WWII SS Armband. Three-piece constructed (Body is red wool. White disc is rayon. Swastika is black cotton). RZM tag is intact and in great condition.
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German WWII Hitler Youth...

German WWII Hitler Youth Armband (MM1205)

Price $150.00
German WWII Hitler Youth Armband. Armband is in great condition. This is made out of cotton. Has RZM tag in excellent condition. Good looking WWII collector piece!
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