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Double Decal M35 Luftwaffe...

Double Decal M35 Luftwaffe Helmet (MM1367)

Price $3,495.00

Desirable large size 68 M35. Marked "SB68". Batch number 4720. Liner has a cut otherwise is very good. An attractive Luftwaffe double decal M35!

Luftwaffe M35 Double Decal...

Luftwaffe M35 Double Decal Helmet (MM1379)

Price $3,250.00

Early style with 1st pattern Luftwaffe eagle decal. Size 64. Batch number 3788. Liner is wartime replacement and has a soldier's name. Good overall condition.

German M35 Heere Helmet...

German M35 Heere Helmet with Field Repaint...

Price $2,450.00

Early style single decal M35 with aluminum reinforced liner and neat "saw dust" style field repaint. Size 62. Inside has soldier's initials. Liner is tatty, otherwise good overall condition.

Very Fine M35 Double Decal...

Very Fine M35 Double Decal Heere Helmet (MM1363)

Price $3,995.00

Desirable size 60 M35 helmet dated 1937. Batch number is 3563. Liner is very good with early style aluminum band. A high condition M35 double decal helmet that was probably only used for parade use!

German M16 Heer Helmet...

German M16 Heer Helmet (MM1374)

Price $895.00

Early style M16 with lugs on inside for chin strap. Good overall condition. Size 62. An iconic early steel helmet.