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RMJ Tactical Kestrel...

RMJ Tactical Kestrel Feather Tomahawk (K2265)

Price $395.00

RMJ Tactical Kestrel Feather Tomahawk. Lightweight tomohawk. Cutting edge is approximately 2 ¾”. Overall length is 13”. Made of 80CRV2 steel. An excellent quality tomahawk.

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Lath  (K363)

Lath (K363)

Price $79.50
Lath Hatchet.
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Woodman  Pal LC-14-B (K369)

Woodman Pal LC-14-B (K369)

Price $119.95
Woodman Pal LC-14-B Type Knife with dimensions as described on page 238 of Cole book. This example is unmarked.
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French 1833 Naval Boarding...

French 1833 Naval Boarding Axe (MEW1146)

Price $2,495.00
French 1833 Naval Boarding Axe While the model 1833 was made in great numbers, they are rarely seen today. Blade width from center of axe to point of spice is 10 3/4". The total length from the base of the haft to the top of pas the axe head is 20 1/2". Only markings on head is two anchor markings. According to some references, these were sold to the Boston Naval yard as surplus pre Civil War....
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