Vintage Montgomery Ward &...

Vintage Montgomery Ward & Co. Royal Canadian...

Price $199.95

This rare vintage "Mountie" uniform is in excellent condition and comes with the original box and packaging. Comes with knife that displays the image of a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman that is in good condition, and comes with a leather sheathe. Overall a well preserved vintage costume.

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Penobscot Indian Root Club...

Penobscot Indian Root Club (MIS1365)

Price $2,695.00

These clubs were made up in main original for battle, then turned into ceremonial use. This club is circa 1890 – 1900. These clubs were made out of young birch trees that were up rooted and the head of the club was carved from the root section while the...

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Lot of English Knives,...

Lot of English Knives, Cowboy Rounds and...

Price $295.00

Lot of late 19th century items: Joseph Allen & Sons NON XLL bowie, J. Rodgers & Son bowie, a vintage holster and various cowboy rounds (some antique and some modern production).

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Tolles' Binocular Adapter...

Tolles' Binocular Adapter (CUR314)

Price $325.00

Vintage binocular adapter for monocular microscopes. Knob is marked "Patd. July 3'66 R.B. Tolles Boston". Comes with original case. An interesting scientific instrument.

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Greeners Humane Horse...

Greeners Humane Horse Killer (CUR282)

Price $2,495.00
Greeners Humane Horse Killer. Rare gun for putting livestock down. This gun is in excellent condition with 90% of the original blue. Inside the outer tube is the firing mechanism that has the barrel, chamber and firing pin. This section unscrews from the outer tube, reverses and screws back in. You then use the brass knob to hit the firing pin while the brass plate attached to the outer tube is...
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Fine Tinder Lighter (CUR278)

Fine Tinder Lighter (CUR278)

Price $2,250.00

Fine Tinder Lighter. Probably German made. Overall length is 9”. Lighter is complete, and the action works perfectly. The wood stock is excellent and has a nice warm patina. The frame has light scroll engraving. Powder testers and tinder lighters are very interesting collection items, and this is a handsome example!

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Bronze Age Luristan Spear...

Bronze Age Luristan Spear Point with Short...

Price $900.00
Bronze Age Luristan Spear Point with Short Sword Spear and Small Knife. Ancient Near East, Luristan, modern-day Iran, ca. 1000 to 600 BCE (3000-2400 years ago) spear point, length over all is 14½. Short sword spear length over all is 16½”. Small knife length over all is 14½”.
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Very Fine Miniature...

Very Fine Miniature Kentucky Pistol (CUR293)

Price $2,495.00
Very Fine Miniature Kentucky Pistol. Extremely well made miniature of a Kentucky pistol. 3 ¾” barrel and 7” overall. This appears to be an older made miniature. Stock is nicely carved around the tang. Action is functional.
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Historical Bow and Arrow...

Historical Bow and Arrow Set Owned by Geronimo...

Price $9,500.00
Historical Bow and Arrow Set Owned by Geronimo. Very neat historical set of a bow and 3 arrows made by the famous Indian Chief Geronimo. The bow is marked on the inside “GERONIMO” and to the right of it the initials “T.P.M.” On the outside part of the bow, it is marked “GERONIMO 1901/ TO THOS P MARTIN”. Both sides of the bow are decorated with geometrical shapes in both red and blue. Two of the...
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German Meerschaum Pipe...

German Meerschaum Pipe (CUR277)

Price $695.00
German Meerschaum Pipe. Manufactured circa 1880-1900 with the original case fitted to the pipe. Scene depicts a male and female lion in a face off around a tree stump. Pipe measures 4¼” tall and 10” long including the amber stem. Lid is marked “Warranted Highest Quality”. Main hinge is fine, and the tail hinge is missing. No damage to the meerschaum. A fine old pipe!
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Meerschaum Pipe  (MIS11)

Meerschaum Pipe (MIS11)

Price $550.00
Meerschaum pipe late 19th century era. Hand carved 16th Century motif. The metal fittings are brass construction. The mouthpiece is missing. It measures 4" top to bottom & 4" front to back. The red velvet covered case is worn on the edges & top. The front clasp is missing. The interior of the box has a few tears & is worn from age.
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