Lot of Two Framed Civil War...

Lot of Two Framed Civil War General's with...

Price $100.00

Blue matted frame has an engraving of Major General Walter Quinton Gresham, later Secretary of State in Grover Cleveland second terms cabinet, with description note and signature. Gray matted frame has engraving of General W. B. Hazen with signature.

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Signed Letter by Theodore...

Signed Letter by Theodore Roosevelt Dated Feb...

Price $3,000.00

Framed handwritten letter by Theodore Roosevelt and a photo of Roosevelt in buckskins with a Winchester across his lap. The original mailing envelope is included containing "East Africa and Uganda Protectorates" stamp.  Letter dated February 1st, 1910. Roosevelt is declining an engagement.

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Photograph and Letter by...

Photograph and Letter by President Theodore...

Price $3,000.00

Signed letter from President Theodore Roosevelt near the end of his presidency expressing his excitement for his upcoming African Safari. Framed with a picture of President Roosevelt and game trophy from his safari.

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Dapper Dan  (MIS23)

Dapper Dan (MIS23)

Price $225.00
Dapper Dan about to go on his first date. He is probably holding a bouquet of flowers behind his back. In a gutta percha case. 1/6 Plate.
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