Large Size  (BP558)

Large Size (BP558)

Price $350.00
Large Size shotgun flask. 3 1/2 to 5 dram measurment.
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Hawksley  (BP518)

Hawksley (BP518)

Price $298.50
high relief shotgun flask. Big fat 5 dram adjustable spout.
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Horn  (BP405)

Horn (BP405)

Price $275.00
Horn powder flask.
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Fluted  (BP887)

Fluted (BP887)

Price $350.00
Fluted Flask Capwell patent.
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Large  (BP888)

Large (BP888)

Price $329.95
Large Shotgun Flask in very fine condition.
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Beautiful Pear Shaped...

Beautiful Pear Shaped Shotgun Flask ( BP1009 )

Price $198.50
Beautiful Pear Shaped Shotgun Flask with a Grouse in Cameo surrounded by floral motifs. The body of the flask is accented with flutes. Spring and spout both are fine. This is an elegant designed flask.
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Very Rare Eskimo  (BP689)

Very Rare Eskimo (BP689)

Price $350.00
Very Rare Eskimo or Northwest Indian horn flask with seal head tip.
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