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Booklet on a Colt Agreement...

Booklet on a Colt Agreement (MIS1129)

Price $30.00
Booklet on a Colt Agreement. Agreement between Colt’s Manufacturing Company and Colt’s Industrial Union Local 270. A little booklet.
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Kit Carson Winchester rifle...

Kit Carson Winchester rifle Colt Single Action...

Price $24,950.00

William "Uncle Kit" Carson: Massive Archive of the Eccentric Indian Scout and Wild West Show Performer, Includes His Rifle, Pistol, Knife, Trunk, Buckskin Outfit, and a Lifetime of Personal Memories. Without a doubt, "Uncle Kit" was one of the most interesting, colorful, and enigmatic characters symbolic of the...

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Colt Early Post-War...

Colt Early Post-War Conversion Unit (C10542)

Price $699.95
Colt Early Post-War Conversion Unit. Customized for bull’s-eye shooting with MMC sights. Has been expertly refinished with a polished blue. Excellent condition with box.
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Original display case only...

Original display case only (C9820)

Price $395.00
Original display case only for 1776-U.S.A. Bicentennial-1976 3 gun set. Originally held a Colt Dragoon, Colt Python, and Colt Single Action Army. Also has the Armsmear book The Samuel Colt Biography. The top shows some scratches and stains. The rest of the case is excellent, could be used to make up the 3 gun set or modified to suit your needs. Comes with 2 keys. Very beautiful display case.
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