Colt Single Actions - 3rd Generation

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Cased Consecutive Colt...

Cased Consecutive Colt Sheriffs model .44-40...

Price $7,000.00

Cased Pair of consecutive Serial Third Generation Single-Action Army's made in 1984. The frames are case hardened and look excellent. They both have 100% of their original blue. The bores are perfect The pearl grips are in perfect condition. Overall condition is like new. Comes with a custom presentation box.

Colt New Frontier .45LC...

Colt New Frontier .45LC (C17600)

Price $1,295.00

Single-action Colt revolver made in 1970 with a case-hardened receiver. The metal has approximately 98% of its original blue with some light nicks along the barrel, and some wear on the back strap. The bottom of the grip is marked "Roger Modor." Overall very good condition.

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Colt 3rd Gen SAA .45LC...

Colt 3rd Gen SAA .45LC (C17495)

Price $2,750.00

3rd Gen model with 5.5" barrel and nickel finish. Has walnut grips. Made in 1979. Excellent condition.

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Colt 3rd Gen. SAA .357...

Colt 3rd Gen. SAA .357 Magnum (C17437)

Price $2,750.00

Mint 3rd generation Single Action Army with factory nickel finish, walnut grips and 7.5" barrel. Comes with a "wood grain" box. Box is tatty, and is missing it's factory label.

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Colt 3rd Gen. SAA 357...

Colt 3rd Gen. SAA 357 Magnum (C17432)

Price $2,750.00

Mint 3rd generation Single Action Army with factory nickel finish, walnut grips and 4.75" barrel. Comes with a "wood grain" box. Box is tatty; flap with label has torn off and is inside the box.

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Colt 3rd Gen. SAA .45 LC...

Colt 3rd Gen. SAA .45 LC (C17418)

Price $2,450.00

3rd Generation Single Action Army with slick action job and 4.75" barrel. Excellent condition overall.

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Consecutive Pair of Colt...

Consecutive Pair of Colt 3rd Gen. SAA'S .45 LC...

Price $5,995.00

Mint consecutive pair of 4.75" Single Action Army revolvers with blued finish and case colored frames. Both come in their original boxes with sleeves. A popular configuration.

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Outstanding Pair of Howard...

Outstanding Pair of Howard Dove Engraved Colt...

Price $25,000.00

A beautiful pair of Colt 3rd Gen Single Action Army 4.75" revolvers engraved by legendary master engraver Howard Dove. According to Mr. Dove's letter, the guns feature C+ coverage American Scroll and one piece carved ivory grips with Longhorn steers. The butt of each gun is engraved with the initials "GJR". The guns are in mint condition and cased together. An outstanding set from one of the...

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Colt 3rd Gen. SAA 38-40...

Colt 3rd Gen. SAA 38-40 (C16988)

Price $2,850.00

Third gen. Single Action Army in scarce 38-40 caliber. Barrel is 5.5". Excellent condition with original box.

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Colt Special Order 3rd Gen....

Colt Special Order 3rd Gen. SAA .357 Magnum...

Price $3,495.00

Special order Single Action Army with 4" barrel, blued finish with case colored frame and walnut grips. Label is marked P1640Z (Z is for special/ custom order). Excellent condition with box.

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Colt Sheriffs Model .44...

Colt Sheriffs Model .44 Special/.44-40 (C15900)

Price $2,350.00
Colt Sheriffs Model .44 Special/.44-40 caliber revolver. 3rd Gen Sheriffs model with dual cylinders. Excellent condition with display case, factory box and factory shipping box (extra cylinder is in factory box).
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