Yanone (Japanese Arrow Heads)

Very Rare Japanese Pierced...

Very Rare Japanese Pierced Arrowhead (MGJ1389)

Price $1,500.00
Very Rare Japanese Pierced Arrowhead. A very rare round (maru) pierced Japanese arrowhead from the Kamakura period (1188-1333). Dr. Kansa Sato of Tokyo National Museum has judged this piece to be that old. Ex- Dr. Sadami Matsushita collection.
Large Japanese Arrowhead...

Large Japanese Arrowhead (MGJ1360)

Price $850.00
Large Japanese Arrowhead. Signed: Naga Tsugu. Length overall is 13⅝”. Dragon tongue type cut-out, 17th century. Hamon is visible.
A Large Sukashi Arrowhead...

A Large Sukashi Arrowhead (MGJ1347)

Price $950.00
A Large Sukashi Arrowhead. Pierced with an Inome (Boar’s Eye) near the collar extending up toward the point and terminating in an arrow shape. Has a visible Suguha Hamon. Length overall 17” (43.1 cm). Rare and unusual.